Spread age-positivity with wall art! Positive age-beliefs improve physical and mental health, and increases longevity.


Once you're aware of ageism, you see it everywhere.

Ageism is any judgement on the basis of age, whether directed at people older than us, younger than us, or internalized against ourselves.

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Spread age-positivity on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, and more!

  • On the back of every card is our promise to donate a portion of sales to causes that support ending ageism.

    We are proud to select new partners quarterly.

  • All cards are digitally designed by me, featuring clean, modern designs that use minimal ink.

    Our paper is natural white, subtle textured, and of course FSC-certified.

  • We support local businesses in our community by sourcing materials locally first.

    All materials are purchased direct from the manufacturer, avoiding Amazon.

Jan Golden, Founder of Age-Friendly Vibes

As I wind down my career as a web developer and iPhone trainer, I'm ramping up my dream job; creating a stationery business.

During COVID, inspired by a greeting card contest for Changing the Narrative, I used my graphic design skills, tech skills, and creativity to create a line of
age-friendly greeting cards.

The result? I learned I absolutely love designing and making cards!

The best part is seeing the reaction to the age-positive sentiments I put out there in the world.

Knowing that I may have a small part in celebrating, instead of dreading, a birthday is heart-warming.