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The Cause - Ending Ageism

Age-Friendly Vibes is committed to being a part of the solution to end ageism.

Every quarter, we partner with an organization that focuses on ending ageism and donate a percentage of our profits to the cause.

Fall 2021 Partner - Changing the Narrative Colorado

Changing the Narrative logo

We are proud to announce that Changing the Narrative Colorado is the chosen benefactor for the 4th quarter of 2021.

Changing the Narrative is a strategic communications and awareness campaign to increase understanding of ageism and to change how people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism.

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About Ageism

Ageism is any judgment on the basis of age, whether directed at people older than us, younger than us, or our own selves (internalized ageism).

When directed at older people, it often involves assumptions that older people are less competent, capable, and attractive.

By marginalizing older people and minimizing their contributions, ageism has tremendous negative impacts on every aspect of life for older people and also negatively impacts communities.

The idea that young is good and old is bad is baked into American culture. You see it reinforced in advertising, on the internet, and unfortunately when celebrating birthdays.

If you think a card with cartoon-like visual of sagging body parts paired with clever sentiments about how awful it is to be old is funny, think again. This personal exchange magnifies the impact of ageism.