Age-Friendly Vibes is Now Available and Barnes & Noble and Paper Source

Did you know you can now find Age-Friendly Vibes at your local Barnes & Noble and Paper Source stores nationwide?

Here’s the backstory of how this came about in only my second year of business.

As I grow my age-positive greeting card business, I focus on pitching my products to retail stores. I do this through the Faire platform, cold outreach, and also by participating in trade shows.

I’m a member of the Greeting Card Association, and last year I participated in the premier greeting card trade show of the year, the *Noted Expo in San Francisco.

At the *Noted Expo, The Greeting Card Association provides many opportunities to promote our businesses in front of retailers, sales reps, and industry professionals.

One of the ways they do this is by hosting the Louie Awards, which are considered the Academy Awards for greeting cards. For 2023, there were over 1,000 submissions across dozens of categories, with big and small brands represented.

Age-Friendly Vibes submitted cards in several categories and was honored to be a finalist in the Rising Star category for the Louie Awards!

As part of this recognition, one of my designs, Age is Just the Number of Years You’ve Been Loved, was selected to be included in the Louie Award display in 750 Barnes & Noble and Paper Source stores nationwide.

Fulfilling this order was a monumental task, but one I tackled with enthusiasm. Working through the vendor approval process, securing cards and envelopes from suppliers, and wrangling friends and family to help package cards was a labor of love from start to finish. The best lesson of all; I know I can handle an order of 4,800 cards!

This opportunity came about with the help of Nora Weiser and Andy Meehan of the Greeting Card Association, who, in 2022, partnered with Barnes & Noble, Inc. to display 'the best cards of the year' in the Louie Award display.

Visit your local Barnes & Noble and Paper Source store and check out this amazing collection. While you’re there, buy a card or two. It may just help me get a re-order. 😍

If you can’t get to a store, you can always shop our age-positive birthday collection online. Retailers, stock age-positive cards by visiting us on Faire.

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